If you don't know, now you know

Does Perfect Pour Cocktail Co. provide the alcohol for events? 
Due to Washington State Liquor Laws, we cannot provide liquor, wine or beer as part of our service. We do, however, provide coordination and organization of our client’s spirits order through local vendors. This ensures our customers the lowest price and the greatest selection available, as well as taking the hassle of a pre-event shopping list out of the equation. The last thing you want to do before your wedding is go wrestle with the masses at Costco.

Are “Pre-Event Tastings” available? 
Definitely. A cocktail tasting is included in our service. The event coordinator or lead bartender for your event will set up a time and place to try your concoctions before your event. This will allow us to make any last minute adjustments to recipes or appearances, and ensure you are smitten with your selections. If you would like to set up a tasting before signing on the Perfect Pour for your bar service, please contact us directly for more details.

Where can Perfect Pour Cocktail Co. operate? 
Most of our events take place at Private Wedding Estates, Event Venues or Homes. Perfect Pour can cater your cocktail service at a hotel or restaurant if we meet the venue’s “Outside Vendor Requirements”. We are able to work in public spaces if your event is sponsored by a non-profit/501c(3) organization.

Our event venue already has a bar, but we’d love to have Perfect Pour Cocktail Co. cater our beverage service. Is that possible?
Definitely. We can bring elevated cocktail service to any venue that doesn’t have an existing liquor license. Each venue is different, so contact us directly to discuss any nuances yours may have.

Not everyone in our party drinks. Do you offer Specialty Non-Alcoholic Cocktails?
100%. Virgin versions of our specialty cocktails are available in most cases. We also offer homemade Lemonades and Limeades, Hand-crafted Sodas, and Fresh Squeezed Fruit Juices for those abstaining.

My Uncle Phil only drinks Gin and Tonics. Do you provide simple mixers in addition to the specialty cocktails?
Yep. We offer sparkling waters, tonics and sodas as a back up plan for all those “Uncle Phils” out there.

Our favorite bar serves this “_______” and we want to feature it at our event. Can you recreate our favorite libations?
Bring it on. We love a challenge.

My friends tend to get a little out of hand when it comes to open bars. What happens if….?
All of our service staff are MAST program certified, and trained by Washington State Liquor Board for responsible service of booze. On top of that, we all have great personalities and can probably talk that fellow that’s had one too many out of two too many.

Will you put out a Tip Jar?
That’s ultimately up to you. Our options are pretty simple, if the client chooses to add a staff gratuity of 10% or more of the service total, then we will forgo the jar. If there is no guaranteed gratuity for the staff, then a jar will be present on the bar.

Are you insured?
Perfect Pour Cocktail Co. and its employees are covered by an insurance policy, but it unfortunately does not extend you or your guests. Temporary insurance coverage for events is very easy to obtain, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction if you need help.

Do you offer packages? 
The short answer is no, but we do have varying price points for different styles of service. Be assured that no matter what kind of service your looking for, 5 star hospitality and a comprehensive commitment to quality are the cornerstones of our business. We will work along side you to create exactly the event you have in mind. Enjoy the planning process with us by getting creative and thinking outside the box!